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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  April 27, 2016 6:00am-6:43am EDT

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his controversial comment about thki outside wednesday april 27. tively mild degrees. it's decidedly going to be cooler than the last couple. talker talks about it in the weather and erin busy with traffic. 6:05 good morning to you i'm holly morris in foral mall. >> i'm steve chenevey welcome to "fox 5 news morning" we want to get to breaking news melanie alnwick on the scene at the water main break in bethesda. good morning, melanie. >> and good morning, guys, so they're making progress and it started to drill down into the road and try to pinpoint the source of that break. fortunately as you can see, all of the water has now been stopped and so everything is starting to dry up a little bit. and but the damage is definitely quite impressive. and as you can take a look at some video, you will see what it looked like when we got here this morning a river of water flowing
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and i want to show you sort of what the power is like and if you can come back t w seeing normally when we see water main breaks you're seeing asphalt crumbled up. what happened here is the pipe burst underground and it pushed all the water underneath and around the sidewalk area and so, they did tell me to be ver very, very careful and stay off of certain parts of the sidewalk and they're concerned they are completely undermined there's no ground left underneath the con cat slab. very koreyed they may have to replace only of that as well as part of restoration process here and it's 75 year old water main part of
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system and work to replace 55 miles of water main everyese breaks happd especially when the weather changes. y this is an area where the walter main break popped just last october. so less than a year they were out here before fixing this and now they're here again. really not a great situation for commuters. but, just going have to deal with it. back to you guys. >> all right. thanks. mel. appreciate. it we'll stay on top of it throughout the morning of course. happening today the supreme court will hear appeal from former virginia governor bob madz dealing with his corruption conviction. they will review it of what he says is overly broad definition of the word bribery. mack doneal and his wife were convicted in september of 2014 tore doing favors for wealthy businessman in skaiching for money and gifts and a decision from the court it expected by
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the end of june. >> in race for the white house to republican nomination as - swept all five ding win in maryland with 54% of votes and democratic side hillary clinton scored victories four of the five states losing rhode island to bernie sanders. she's defending herself after comments trulp made about her gender. >> the only card he has is the woman's card. she has nothing else going and frankly if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she would get 5% of the vote. the only thing she has going in woman's card and the beautiful thing is women don't like her. >> mr. trum app caused me of plague the "woman card" well if fighting for women's healthcare and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in. primary not ove
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vote nersz indzian will be in the district today to speak about fovrn policy. >> congressman chris van holland over donna edwards to inwhen the nomination over u.s. nat and bop side state delegate kamingy st. eliga won the nam nation for senate. she'll face van holland in i november. >> state senator jamie ras kin won the hotly contested prime your i for the democrats for house seat. and fourth congressional primary anthony brown over glen ivy the former maryland lieutenant governor was looking to make a come back after losing the race two years ago going. >> breaking overnight extreme weather stretching from texas to oklahoma to nebraska in oklahoma several reports of tornadoes overnight. in wichita nearly 4" of rain flooded streets stranding
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>>. 80 rz. today wion't get out of the 60s and now falling back to 59. maybe a few showers early as well. look ago the radar in a second 55 leonard up to and 57 winchester and we're going to be much cooler today. definitely if you find low 60s jacket weather and you will want to have a jacket later today. there are a few light showers and sprivrminglees out there and our front is fading through as we speak and you can see the showers ride ago long that to the soung. and we'll have showers around and mostly cloudy this afternoon with high temperatures notably cooler than yesterday. and we'll try to get to 64, 65 by 4 p.m. mostly the afternoon should be dry if you go to the nationals game toni
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kind of thing we're in good shape wegood. thank u. tuck. >> see how our commute is going 6:05. >> nope. >> no? there there we go. >> this is teamwork traffic report 66, crash by 29 blocking right shoulder traffic slow past that point. and starting to backup from mannasas to centerville. let's move things to a look at maps tucker how does that sound. >> i like that idea. >> water main break rockville southbound on one lane right now getting by and there's water main road cedar lane and delays southbound side look at the live picture you can see just one lane exercises by and give yourself time. connecticut avenue or old georgetown roads. looking back at the ps
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and we'll get back t as bening road and delays in stafford 60 to 610 we you have covered this morning. >> wizards will introduce tea team's head coach scott brooks at verizon center all getting underway 2:00 this afternoon and brooks now 24th head coach in franchise history comes to washington after coaching oklahoma city thunder for the last knew seasons. >> it's military appreciation day to pay tribute the nationals are offering free tickets to service members and families and they receive two complimentary for each military id and can purchase more at discounted rate. 6:07 new developments overnight out of paris and war on terror. >> also a "fox5" sklus avenue a brawl in hauls of did, c. high school. out raiminged teen caught newspaper chaos speaking out. we're back in 30
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nds back now with a fox5 exclusive as kids hold off this morning pane at one d.c. lis concerned with recent fights there. >> one fight was caught on camera and one of the students involved in the fight is speaking out. "fox5" annie yu is live wilson high school north east live with more. we keep he
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like this annie. >> i know but g d several studentse in will not attend due to multiple fight that took place on school grounds. we have cellphone video to get to now exclusiveive video of the fight at h.d. wood sop and a mother spoke to us sklutsiv sklutsively and said her daughter tierra was jumped during school hours and it's unclear why this fight began and what prompt add tack. you see in the awful video beaten on the ground there punpied and kicked around. tierra says a school resource officer eventually broke up the fight. and after about a minute or so and the victim called her mother right away who arrived to the school here. police were already on the
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arrested four girlsviously veryo watch as mom and parent and is. sal aabslam was extradited. he's expected to be in court later today for charges. the 26-year-old w w
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his role me inova tacks in the map and he was taken into he stree sex abuse allegations halfford is accused of molesting students a decade ago when coached wrestling at a high school. the 74-year-old faces pro bition and six months behind bars. one of his alleged sex abuse victims is expected to speak at today's. >> the number of mumps and the outbreak was first reported in march and may
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commencement andan boycott targt over transgender region you could see medics on motorcycles. 's l the roadway as we head tobrea break. coming up next 62 at 6:12.
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>> a live picture of the water main break rockville pike. update here all the southbound lanes cedar lane were closed and now there is one lane getting
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so slowly but surely they are tn as after 0s yesterday. there's the bus stop forecast weather we're in the upperid 60e might be a few peaks of sunshine later today i'll show what you is happening. here washington and 54 annapolis and leonardtown good morning 55. 64 fredericksburg and mountains looking at mid 50s in hagerstown 50. 57 this morning for new winchester and all right our front coming through and didn't get thunderstorms we thought we might get yesterday. i mean generally good news. we could have used rain. now with the front to the south we're watching little rain shower activity roll along it. so you can see out to the west we
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west virginia and we frontal system south. and again we'll keep the clouds as tomorrow, our front will start to roll back on top of us. i think we'll have a better chance of rain showers around tomorrow and perhaps even friday afternoon as we remain unsettled here for the next couple days. notice that general we're not getting a lot of sunshine the next couple days. 66 today. few spotty showers out there for the daytime hours. and better chance few showers tomorrow "fox5" rocks friday morning loopingz like clouds and not maybe rain showers. >> does looks but full sun and
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cloud near 70 and main more showers to end the week. water main repairs from earlier water lane gets by. all northbound lanes from jones bridge road on through have reopened and watch for southbound delays picking up a lot of folks take this route inbound to get around that use connecticut avenue let look at maps and always use old georgetown road if you head to n. ih and that water main work will be out there sometime and big stretch has one lane getting through. more crash activity 295 southbound by bening road delays heavy back to eastern avenue. as you cross that you hit delays. 50 inbound starts to backup by 202 in usual spot and also new york avenue telling with heavy flow of traffic in district as you make your way past
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you make your way past moving conditions and yetord rdhe arlington to 6 ba >> thanks, erin do you know of an alley in the district that needs sprucing up. today marks start of alley pal ooz aa citywide campaign to repair and renovate alleys throughout the district this year they'll repair or renovate 64 alleys and last year d dot fixed 128 alleys resident can call 311 in if he though of a alley needing sprawsing up. >> an update today on plans to expand national sell teary proposal project uses land known as navy
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of cemeteryo they can respond to emergencies faster. and now it 6:19 looking into prince's death his sister said he died without a bill. who will get the musician's how much is he dails of the bre. >> first the subon the field is dog made most of time on the pitch during the match in south america. you could see him unring and jumping it's like his own goal celebration. the game briefly delayed until finally captured and carried off.
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the fear away. family how much is the in diffe. >>
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toe grow user base and it's all soft demand for promoted ig to the -- you know multi-megal celebs that are mills yonz and millions of followers marketers are going to them and it doesn't real a get to twitter. >> i get it. >> talk to about prince and not to sound morbid and capitalize in loss if anyone would have invested in prince album sales last week they would be owning the world there. >>
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album sales million and he did not i have ail will not one we know about and now his sister tyka nel sop his own full surviving sibling she asked minnesota court to help out here and give them special administrator how do you handle his estate. he had stayedo and unreleased sngz and owned a couple family members houses and et cetera, what do you do with that? we'll find out. but you know prince was known to be radical. he negotiate aid lot of deals himself. attorneys, you know, financial advisers it was not his things. and now his family might be paying the price for that. >> well you know anybody who ever worked were you him will want a piece of that. hopefully
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>> 20 degree difference from yesterday to today. >> today's .th love you. >> we're talking about weather here. >> numbers 59 in city. mostly cloudy skies. showers out there, sunrise was it 6:15 this morning. we have a close to sunset by the way at 8:00 or later. >> oh, wow. >> that occurs thursday or friday this week. here we go. >> couple showers out there early and generally cloudy skies and as mentioned 20 degrees cooler than yesterday highs in mid 60s that may be jacket warm for you we're not going to warm up a whole lot today it's unsettled over the
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turned this intoius something i was not going for. right now 16" water main break on rockville pike southbound side one lane getting by past cedar lane and northbound lanes all reopened and we're asking folk to seek alternate routes and big backup you want to reduce the active work zone now. use caution. keeping it let's take a look at maps to connecticut avenue or using old georgetown road. and old georgetown road gets to you nih this morning and factor in extra time. those alternate
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ng way past withof extra five slowing through clinton this morning a crash blocking shoulder. that's your traffic back to yo you. >> thanks, erin. we have one more dave track miss before round two of play yvs for the cats. >> yunk juries joining us live game one same as nfl draft. . >> brainier.
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>> back with a live look in bethesda a mess for trivrz in this area it happened overnight in the 9100 block of rockville pike one southbound lane gets by right new and all northbound lanes reopened. good news there no word how long it will take crews to make the fix. >> welcome back to "fox5 news morning" and due water main break jamy ras kin emerged adds
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oven= r, let'ess06.7 fm the fan sound awesome. home game thursday night prime time except something else is going on tomorrow nights what do you do? >> i that i i'm very distraugh distraught. i'm nfl draft guy who doesn't love the nfl draft. >> i can't believe they're going head to head with the draft. >> i don't know why they can't wait until saturday. they have the nba playoffs. they're dammed if do and dammed if don't. >> you know who is to blame the biebs. biebs is screwing
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i have his concert on to everyb. >> steve is sorr heyour onkss. >> who do you like in the nfl travt right now. it's looking moran more like two quarterbacks go number one and two which do you think has more nfl staying pow whor will be better. >> well, look back in the day i thought ryan lee would be better than payton manning so i don't know what the heck you watch these guys a few times and jared has more college experience and wentz didn't play against top not competition but he. >> the one i'm interested in cardel jo
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state. he's intriguing to me and rounds paxtono much see where he goes. into top ten. >> i think it would be a leap. 202025 is kid five or te is 0 prosecution. either jared goff or carson lent one will be in the nfl and i think they have to go to jared goff. they have a more pro ready guy. >> i love that name. >> and was today cam owe hat giveaway at the studios. >> it might be. but you know what it should be steve have you donated to our beards yet. we have a beard-a-thon raying money for usa warriors ice hockey
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>> i thought you were going to trin a a beard-a-thon or let it go. >> donate, caps, and you can find either eric's pij you can even doe night chad dukes or --. >> it's a great cause. >> as long as you choose. >> we had wooded warrior hockey guys talking about it. >> unbelievable. >> it's amaze what they do and great event. how do you guys compare each other. is it straight financial competition between the two of you or actual you know beardag beardage. >>
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throw a few bucks my way. >> hi a wealthy benefactor t t >> steevr when you buy your justin bieber tee shirt buy it on the outside not the inside. >> so extra money for the beard athop. >> leave yourself extra 20 bucks. >> when the guy texted me earlier they said extra large are you still xl or double x. >> i was xl in like senior in high school. >> okay. >> we'll go with the double x then. >> through guys. thanks. >> i'll send him your way and we sea spill oui what you can do with the beard-a-thon. >> i'll donate to both of them. but i think it's also better if you do it on game day. >> i any
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and of course in the 80s. much much cooler air moved owers here early. umbrella first half of the day and most shower activity will be light. we'll keep it in the forecast for the morning hours. i think by the afternoon generally cloudy with winds out of the east at 5 to 10. mid 6 0s the daytime highs. 7 day looks like that. in many different forms. we'll have that. >> all right. thanks. >> at least we found consistency. it may not be what we wanted. >> but we
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>> all right there's a lot going on this morning on the road ways in5 northbound after 6:10 there's a crash problems around the area, 6 6 east past 234 new crash now details on that and look how slow moving traffic is left lane clearly blocked and steady flow of cars leading to that location. again, 66 eastbound is 234 give yourseltrf exa time. we'll to back to maps in addition to this earlier crash 25 southbound by beping road cleared delays lingering past 5 and 95 north past etsell trod 15 miles an hour and 95 north fairfax dips down under 15 miles an hour. live shot at the water main break we've been tracking all morning long in bethesda rockville
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southbound side gets by look georgetown road and especially if nih this morning old georgetown road saves'll kea bit of ruvr wednesday morning commute back to you. >> all right thanks for the work around erin appreciate it. >> stories on the web right now including big victory for 10 107-year-old woman that game an instant hit for dancing with the president at the white house. >> rock trending about meeting a fan with special need and heart-warming story behind this picture. coming up 6:38. >>
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ng bon her security guard boy present when he fired a weapon that there left in the vehicle. >> trump university in hospital water again this morning a new york judge decide aid fraud case against president den shall candidate over former school for real
6:42 am
tores will go to trial. trump and identification. and mayor bowser presented prince's band making a big announcements overnight that's in the fox beat and remind fir have a fox tich share us with 2028953000 or email "fox5" tip back with more after this
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>> one of the things looks like they're getting better. it's been a big traffic backup all morning long along rockville pike. one lane is on now moving at speed. hopefully they can make progress closer to rush hour. >> having lived here for a while we do matt water main breaks better than other city. >> real. >> i bigger. >> gushing dramatic. >> we have a lot of experience with it. >> go big or go home. >> i don't know what's going on. there. >> alas brush with summer is over. >> don't fear a thing it will
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be back i promise and when it es cooler thanll be ready tod we yesterday. you may want a jacket here later this afternoon with cloud cover and highs in the mid 60s. 59 washington and 55 gaithersburg and 54 annapolis and still doing low 60s to the south and west culpeper and frederick 54. 63 hager town. cooler air working in overnight and fade together south and we're watching rain showers ride right along that front west to east. most of that activity is very, very light and we have showers inside the beltway. and you can see we have showers inside out to the west here in mountains just out to the west along 81. some of this cop tips to roll around the region over the next couple hours. by afternoon we'll be generally cloudy and most of the rain shower activities should fade off here a littlebility to the south. and
6:47 am
thxt couple days is what we cool weather pattern here intact for the acti and plain old cloudy 5:00 this afternoon going to the game tonight, nats park, should be first pitch no problem there on time. and you got any other activity outdoors it bill be a cool afternoon and evening and dry evening. here we are 1:00 rain shower activity returns for the day tomorrow. and for nat matter perhaps friday as well. here's the 7 day. keep it cool next couple days 70 by saturday. looks like pick of the weekend if you have weekend plans dry conditions and generally sunny conditions for the day on day. maybe a few showers on sunday. all right. i've done my part. let's see ft. water main is making life miserable
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roads. >> it is if you head to bethesda starting bw parkway south in the beltway down to 19 as you 5 50 unbound side inside the beltway down to 13 miles an hour and really slow moving traffic as you make your way out there. and lass that water main break tucker mentioned 355 rockville pike southbound side here's a live look. just one lane gets by southbound past seed area lane and all northbound lanes on however and keep in mind though this is causing big plays delays and you want to reduce past this active work zone. best belt from beltway take connecticut avenue or old georgetown road inbound and that will definitely save you time. if you head to nih that's on time and no reported delays if you want to avoid the roads through bethesda and take metro this morning. crash activity 9 5 north after 610 quantico brock blocking right shoulder 630 to 610 delays continue through prince william north through fairfax as well and 39
6:49 am
road and sutland parkway h as you make your way to tyson there's an outer loop crash by leesburg pike to slow things down. 66 eastbound also because of earlier crash by 29 still heavy traffic. more in a few. back to you holly and steve. >> thanks, erin. as more cases of zika pop up in the united states, two senior white house officials are urging congressional lead others to pass legislation to fund the fight against mosquito born virus. gop says it's not down playing threat but it is questioning how much needs to be spent and republicans take there may have already been funding available. democratic senator harry reid wants the emergency bill passed once law makers pass washington friday so funds can be available in summer. that's when southern straits vulnerable to the zika virus. >> zika is a concern for athletes ahead of the
6:50 am
games this sumr. taking no chances southng byd at the athlete's today area est 2 and instances of discarded drugs coming in wrong hand or flushed and contaminating water supplies. it's tile for fox beat. kevin is back now. >> yeah, good to see you. >> holly, steve, good morning to you as well. and thank you four having me become as well. good to see you as always. we know the rock is crane credible, dwayne johnson he's always using his good in my opinion and and his
6:51 am
him to the gym. i seen it over h hold t with special need. you can see this fan in the wheelchair. while the rock hu so touched he posted this picture to instagram and explained the fan was willing to wait all day to meet his hero no way was johnson going to make him wait twelve hours for filming to wrap he stopped production and walked over to the family along with instagram picture powerful message saying "without details this kid has way more heart and stronger and tougher than i can math. i know i'm a lucky guy to number this position and have this platform and reposted instagram poet owe of the fan's brother. and that was a couple days ago. yesterday, he also took the time to meet some other fans at make a wish. this is ashley rodriguez posed in this instagram as well and th
6:52 am
and fear of spidersgram there'sa videoanother one he hung out wie scon son when you walked in today my heart was beat sog fast i didn't know what to do and then you started talking to me and it slowed down and everything was good" this guy is like making movies and hbo ballers television show and you know hosting movie awards mtv movie awards and fibdz time to do this. it's amazing. >> via mazeing. >> and he's not hard to look a at. >> he's a cool guy and a good guy in general and wished allison seymour a happy birthday. >> one of bruce springstein's biggest fans caught on camera rocking out at a show this wee week. guess who that is. >> chris christie. >> new jersey governor chris christie videotaped by several people i
6:53 am
some taking to twitter to callcn 100 brucestein concerts many have you attended, one or two. >> six or seven over the years. >> that's good people have amazing numbers you have seen him live. >> i have, twice, there was a guy that worked her john jacamo. >> travels. >> he travrlz. >> seen him way over 100 times. >> we sent i'm at the concert at the mall i can't remember what it was for it was huge concert and metallic a-- amazing right. >> prince's old band announced they're reuniting for live shows after the singersers unfortunate passing in video released last night prince's former band the ref hution saying he would like to come out and do shows. he want to let fans know about plans and no official s or dates sext i would love to see them. revolution gained
6:54 am
fame as prince hit 1984 movie fr prince albums and stopped in 1984 i did not get to see this prince sales up 16,000%. >> 23 of top 25 songs. >> i'm not sure revolution is anything without prince. >> i wouldn't mind seeing remembrance. it's like you know obviously he's not there it's like seeing queen without freddie mercury. >> i would like to see them did a charity tour not capitalize on him not be here. >> that's an interesting point. >> a want to mansion a friend and mentor arch campbell had a birth day monday. big one. >> huge and i would not be here today if not spore somebody like arch or tony perkinsan junkies and but arch a mentor happy birthday and thank you for all your support and taking me under your ring 11 years ago and happy birthday to my grandfather yesterday. >> i'm sure both men are proud of you. >> my grandfather they don't makeen
6:55 am
different generation, facebook fap of the day and todan in. >> love that. she also said she had the chance to catch one of our spring concert siris with her co-worker and became a bigger fan afterward. well, we're a big fan of you and today i hope you get a caps to celebrate and tell co-workers and fans that you're today's fox fan of the day. >> i love the purple lipstick. >> tucker will be at the concert siri this week with erin. >> thanks. >> and kev is like yeah. >> bro' noteer? >> yeah. >> there you go. >> all right. >> saving my dance moves for the weekend. >> let's go we're looking cool out there today. mid 60s daytime eyes and now in the mid 50s and those numbers fall as cooler air works in from the north. 67 washington and reagan 5, 55
6:56 am
mid 60s daytime eyes. am loin start. >> s i can't wait i'm so excited tucker. we'll have so much fun out. there kevin will you be there. >> i loved everything about it. i don't love traffic now because of water main break in bethesda, 55 rockville pike southbound jammed across all lanes. that's becauses once you hit seed area lanes things are down one lane to the active work zone of the right now a lot of crews cleared out and because of water main break still one lane opened. i would avoid rockville pike indowned taking connecticut avenue or old georgetown road to
6:58 am
ga fi
6:59 am
>> developing right now at 7:00 a major water main break affec affecting your morning commute. crews trying to make repairs to rockville pike after a pipe
7:00 am
how to get around the mess sfraiingt ahead in a live re democric race. more on theid and results of local elections. >> what a difference a year makes or does it? it's been one year since massive riots broke out in baltimore over death of freddie gray. some are questioning whether anything was done to ease teption in that city. >> looking live outside this wednesday morning april 27, 2 2016. oh, yeah it's a bit of wet start to the morning. also cooler temperatures ahead. weather and traffic on the fives coming up 7:05 in the moan time i'm maureen umeh allison is off today. >> i'm steve chenevey welcome to "fox 5 news morning". we'll start with developing story in montgomery country massive water main break causing mess me bethesda. water crews are on the scene and this busted pipe will put a damper on the morning commute. >> "fox5" melanie alnwick is live in bethesd


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